Renewable Energy At TransAlta

Key to our transition to clean power by 2030


First hydro facility


First Wind Farm


First Solar Acquisition


Powering the equivalent of over 800,000 homes with renewable energy

Canada’s Largest Producer Of Wind Energy

TransAlta’s renewable energy commitment began more than one hundred years ago when the company built the first hydro assets in Alberta, Canada. We still operate those hydro plants today. In 2002, we acquired our first wind farm and have grown wind electricity generation to power over 800,000 homes across North America. In 2015, we acquired our first solar farm, adding to our diversified mix of renewable energy.

As part of our ongoing commitment to securing value for investors from renewable energy, TransAlta Renewables (RNW) was launched in 2013 by its parent company TransAlta Corporation. Long-term contracted TransAlta Corporation renewable assets were transferred in to RNW.

As of 2017, TransAlta is powering the equivalent of over 800,000 homes with renewable energy. With a mix of hydro, wind, gas and solar assets and a commitment to innovation, TransAlta will complete its clean power transition by 2025.

Renewable Energy Growth At TransAlta

End of an era: Cowley Ridge is decommissioned

The first and oldest wind facility in Canada has been decommissioned

One year of safe fuel delivery

Operations at our gas pipeline in Western Australia are one year old

Protecting a threatened species

Read about how our wind group works to protect the environment where we work as they build a new nest for endangered hawks at the Soderglen wind facility